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Nipple piercing

Nipple piercing is quite the rage now, particularly among teenagers and has the reputation of being one of the sexiest piercings ever. People who are wary of it don’t go in for it, believing it is very painful, but the truth is that it is not more painful than any other piercing.

Nipple piercingIf you’re thinking of going in for a nipple piercing, consider the following:

Are you shy? You may be shy of baring your breasts to a tattoo artist—a complete stranger—which is normal. But you can both be professional about it—remember he’s giving you a service; and you can wear a button down top and expose just enough for him to work on.

Can you bear pain? The pain is so minimal that you might end up asking the artist to do the other nipple too.

Do you have abnormally shaped nipples? If you do not have well shaped nipples—i.e. flat or inverted—let your piercer decide if they can and should be pierced and what the consequences of piercing would be.

Slow healing: After the piercing, healing may take long depending on the size and weight of your breasts—usually about 6-8 weeks. Your nipples may turn sore during the healing process. This can be remedied with an ice pack, a packet of frozen vegetables like peas or corn. If they take months to heal, you may be allergic to your jewellery.

Should you wear a bra or not? You may feel better with a bra, particularly a sports bra but don’t let moisture build up. If you sweat, change your bra as often as you must and clean the pierced area before wearing a fresh bra. If you get a little nipple fluid on your bra, clean it away or place nipple pads on your nipples.

Nipple erection: By piercing your nipples, it’s a myth that they will stay erect. The truth is that once your body gets used to the piercing, the nipples will relax.

Breastfeeding: If you’re breastfeeding, you don’t need to worry about having a piercing done because the two don’t affect each other. In fact, some mothers find that a piercing increases their milk flow and makes it easier to nurse.

Don’t remove the jewellery while breastfeeding as the hole may close up but remove them just before a feed and wear it soon after. But this may make the area sore.

Jewellery options: Choose from a surgical steel ring to barbells, gold plated jewellery, beads, gemstones, jewels, etc.

Caring for your nipples:
  • Don’t touch or play with your nipple for fear of infection.
  • Clean the piercing with a triclosan-based anti-bacterial soap once a day or you might catch infection. Soak the nipple for a couple of minutes in cleaning solution in your hand and lather quickly and wash after a minute.

Take the utmost care of your nipples once they are pierced, lest they get infected. If you are a nursing mother, this is a bigger responsibility for you. So, take care.

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