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Female Body Piercing

Female Body Piercing - As the name denotes, only women can have female body piercings. There’s also a lot of sexual innuendo around it, so tread this path with care and caution. If you want a piercing done in your private parts, don’t rush headlong into it without checking out the pros and cons and skills and experience of your prospective body piercer. Here are the locations in the female human body where piercings are usually done:

Clitoral piercing: This is a knobbed nerve bundle that is associated with sexual stimulation and since there is a likelihood of a piercing damaging its sexual function, women don’t usually opt for one here. Even if the tissue here is well developed here, a piercing should be avoided.

Fourchette: This is the area at the back of the vagina, sometimes called the “female guiche” because it is similar in location to the male piercing. If you have yourself pierced here, it will heal with great difficulty as it partly pierces the rear wall of the vagina at its mouth.

Horizontal hood: Here, you have a clitoral hood piercing done with a horizontal placement. This is done when your clitoral development does not permit covering the clitoris entirely with the bead of the piercing ring just barely touching the sensitive bundle of tissues.

Vertical hood: Here a clitoral hood piercing is done with a vertical placement. This is a good directional placement if your clitoris hood covers the clitoral bundle completely. You can embellish the piercing with either a ring or barbell and let it rub against the clitoris.

Labia: The vaginal lips are pierced—you could choose to pierce one lip or both.

Queen Christina: Any piercing done of the clitoral hood is given this umbrella name. Here, the piercing is done vertically or horizontally, depending on how you want it and is suited to either a ring or barbell jewellery.

If you have a piercing done in this intimate part of your body, you should be mentally ready to compromise your sex life for this, even for a brief period. Find out about the after care regimen you should follow and make sure you follow it diligently.

Femela Body PiercingPrecautions: Since this part of your body is very sensitive and intimate, it is essential that any piercing done here should be hygienically maintained and free from infection. By following these instructions, you can prevent any infection from setting in and making your intimate life troublesome.

  • Do not touch your piercing with dirty hands. Before touching your piercing or cleaning it, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Always wash your piercing while in the shower so that the running water can run over the delicate part and saturate the piercing before you set out to wash it. By doing this regularly, the skin here will soften and wash away some of the crusty formations from around the piercing and on the jewellery.

If you have a piercing done in your private parts, you need to take extra care of yourself, or any kind of slacking off can lead to serious repercussions, medically. So, take the best care of yourself.

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