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Nudity in body painting

Nudity is part of body painting, when it concerns painting of the entire human body. As an art form, body painting gives expression to people to communicate their feelings and ideas about the human body by using the most available canvas—the body. These ideas could be political in nature or sexual, though any kind of ideas can be expressed through this medium.

No one should find it strange or surprising to find people who like to paint bodies or have theirs painted to express a thought or emotion. In fact, at nudist camps or gatherings, this is a very common pastime.

In fact, an art movement that began in the 1950s or 1960s concerned the need for whole body painting. This painting technique is all about covering a body artist’s model in paint and then asking the model to touch a canvas or roll over it to transfer the paint there.

With this image transfer from the model’s body to the canvas, all the curves of the model’s body are reflected in the outline of the image. The many colours hat this technique produced gave rise to interesting effects.

Usually, people who are interested in body painting or having theirs done have a certain attitude towards their body—one that accepts unflinchingly the human body as it is and then uses it as a basis for expressing new concepts of life.

In fact, this art form has its roots way back in South Africa and Asia and continues to be a trend in places such as Seattle, which celebrates the Painted Solstice Cyclists ride every year. This festival is based on the display of the fine art of body painting.

Traditionally, the cyclists-participants of this parade cycle around naked and body painted, much to the delight of bystanders. Though nudity is not legally allowed, no one stops them. So, the festival begins with a colourful parade of body painted people riding out.

Though nudity is a huge requisite for this celebration, the participants look down on participants who are just naked and nothing else. They must express themselves through the medium of body painting—in fact, they could even get those around them to laugh and smile and connect with others in a peaceful manner.

Water-based stage makeup is used here as it is affordable and easily available. For larger areas, this makeup can be applied with sponges or brushes, while some brands can be thinned and airbrushed.

If you want to participate in body painting: First, be practical. Apply sunscreen lotion, allow it to dry. Wear only the minimum such as a T-shirt or carry it with you. Also take along with you your creativity, a peaceful, fun-loving attitude and common sense. Besides, artists may charge you for painting your body, so carry along some money.

Body painting is a fun concept and if you are fun-loving and uninhibited, it could be the perfect platform for you to express your individuality.

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